Curing Diabetes

Diabetes: is the number one shame of the “orthodox doctors in the 20th century. Diabetes is easy to prevent, easy to cure and treat so you can avoid all of the terrible side effects (i.e., blindness, hypertension, amputations, early death, etc.). Since 1958, it has been known supplemental chromium will prevent and treat diabetes as well as hypoglycemia- just ask any health food owner or N.D.! The facts associated with chromium and diabetes were published in the Federation Proceeding by Walter Mertz (the director of the U.S.D.A field services). Here is the ultimate case of a whole specialty of medicine being wiped out by the universal chromium supplementation but kept secret and away from the public for economic reasons! Additionally the University of Vancouver, BC, Canada stated that “Vanadium will replace insulin for adult onset diabetics”!
Chromium/ Vanadium and the diabetes story should be on the front page of the newspaper in the same bold print as VE DAY instead of any type of artificial heart pump that will save on life for $250,000!
The diagnosis of diabetes is very easy and it should be considered in any disease where there is a chronic weight loss or weight gain, frequent urination and chronic thirst are warning signs that should be explored. A six-hour GTT will show a steep rise of blood glucose at 30-60 minutes to over 275 mg % and may keep rising to over 350 and stay elevated after 4-6 hours. The urine should be tested for sugar with the “dipstick” test every time the blood is tested for sugar. A positive diabetic will always include a positive urine sugar during the six-hour GTT. A morning fasting urine sugar test is useless for the initial diagnosis of diabetes. Blood of the diabetic is also typical in that the lipids and cholesterol are elevated as well as the sugar.
Treatment of diabetes should include Chromium and Vanadium at 25 mcg/day in the initial stages to prevent “insulin shock” (sudden dropping of blood sugar because of a relative insulin overdose). Keep checking urine blood sugar before and after meals, as the blood sugar level drops and you can reduce your insulin one or two units per day, go up to 25 mcg b.i.d., then t.i.d.; then go to 50 mcg b.i.d., etc. You will also need to deal with food allergies that cause celiac-type intestinal lesion (i.e., wheat gluten, cow’s milk, soya, etc.) and supplement with betaine HCI and digestive enzymes at 75-200 mg t.i.d. before meals. Have patience- the intestinal lesions take 60-90 days to heal.
Treatment of diabetes should also include zinc at 50 mg t.i.d., B-complex at 50mg t.i.d., (be sure to include niacin which is part of the GTF “glucose tolerance factor”), essential fatty acids at 5 gm t.i.d., B-12 at 1,000 mcg/ day, bioflavonoids including quercetin at 150mg/ day, copper at 2-3 mg/ day, lecithin at 2,500 mg t.i.d. and glutathione at 100 mg/day.
High fiber, no processed carbohydrates and avoid meat in the beginning stages of the therapy- the reason is that every time you eat processed carbohydrate (i.e., sugar, honey, alcohol, mashed potatoes, etc.) you will lose 300% more chromium in your urine than when you consume complex carbohydrates! Herbes are useful in treating diabetes and may include licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra), jaborandi (Pilocarpus jaborandi), yarrow (Achilea Millefolium), Canadian fleabane (Erigeron canadense) and Jerusalem artichoke.
By Dr. Wallach