Beating Cancer Symptoms

• Nausea: enzymes, ginger, acupressure wrist band, acupuncture
• Vomiting: suck on ice cubes, yogurt, ginger tea or caps, ginger ale, acupuncture
• Anorexia: enzymes, small meals, ginger, dining with others, zinc, B vitamins
• Malnutrition: hydrazine sulfate, Dragon Slayer shake, enzymes, high protein meals
• Diarrhea: yogurt, probiotics, SeaCure, glutamine, milk enemas, Pepto Bismol, acupuncture, blue berries
• Lymphedema: lymph drainage therapy(, rebounder(trampoline), massage, topical castor oil
• Constipation: probiotics, psyllium, Perfect7, sena, buckthorn, cascara sagrada, Epsom salts, fiber, water, walking, aloe
• Gas: enzymes, probiotics, soil-based organisms, ginger, mustard, onions; walking, avoid beans, nuts, broccoli
• Anemia: liquid liver extracts, B-12, B-6, chelated iron supplements, folate, copper, beet juice, shark liver oil
• Leukopenia: ImmunoPower, PCM4, ImmKin, bovine cartilage, garlic, ginseng, propolis, olive leaf, shark liver oil, Echinacea, vitamins C, E, A, beta carotene, selenium, zinc, colloidal silver, astragalus, colostrum, golden seal, ginkgo
• Hair loss: 1600 iu vitamin E 1-2 weeks prior to beginning chemo (pick a safe alternative, don’t do chemo), aloe, Vitamin D ointment
• Fatigue: B vitamin., B-12 sublingual, ginseng, mahuang, bee pollen, chromium, DHEA, caffeine from tea, high protein diet
• Oral Mucositis: Vitamin E oil from capsule topically applied 3x daily with cotton swab, prophylactic, antioxidants
• Yeast Infections: grapefruit seed extracts, topical Australian tea tree oil, garlic, undecenoic acid(castor), caprylic acid, MCT, probiotics, biotin, Essiac tea, vaginal suppository of gentian violet or boric acid capsules
• Depression: St. John’s wort, SAMe, TMG, tryptophan, niacinamidesunlight, gingko, DHEA except for hormonal cancers
• Anxiety: hops, valerian, kava, homeopathic, 5HTP
• Insomnia: melatonin, 5HTP, kava, hops, valerian
• Pain: acupuncture, hypnosis, magnets, white willow, DL phenylalanine

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