Minerals 101

• Calcium helps your electrolyte balance and cellular communication. RDA 1000mg, 1500 if you are pregnant. Dairy that has been processed is missing the cofactor to absorb the calcium. You need vitamin D to absorb your calcium up. You need this for a healthy bone structure, for healthy teeth. 99 percent stays in the bones, the rest is crucial for nerve and muscle function.

• Magnesium is essential for energy metabolism; low intake can spontaneously induce lymphoma. RDA 400 mg. Low intake has been linked to hypertension, heart disease, migraines, fatigue, immune suppression, fibromyalgia, glaucoma, and much more. Magnesium is essential in at least 300 different enzyme reactions.

• Potassium is an essential ingredient in the “electrolyte soup” that dictates healthy cell membranes. Potassium is crucial for nerve and muscle function, also the conversion of glucose into glycogen for storage. The first symptoms of deficiency are weakness and fatigue.
The RDA recommends 1.9 to 5.6 grams daily. Up to 3 grams daily can be lost in perspiration and through the use of diuretics, like antihypertensive medications, alcohol, and coffee. The American health authorities have been bashing salt, actually a deficiency of potassium, magnesium, and calcium are much more likely to be at fault for hypertension, heart disease, and various forms of cancer.

• Zinc is a potent immune stimulate, it’s essential in over 200 enzyme reactions in the body, Immune cell production, Cell replication… 20 to 60 mg will be good for you, but 150mg will trigger a copper deficiency, which is very bad. Zinc is involved in everything from sexual development, to immunity, to maintenance of nerve tissue, and much more.

• Iron is essential for red blood cell synthesis (hematopoiesis) to properly oxygenate tissues. Iron is also essential for energy metabolism and immune cell production.
Iron could be dangerous to you, especially if you aren’t getting in a good amount of antioxidants in. Take conservative doses, 5-25 mg. Symptoms of deficiency include: anemia, lethargy, behavioral problems, poor body temperature regulation, reduced immunity and others.
Be sure you are taking the most bioavailable chelated form, with multiple antioxidants to protect against the potential free radical damage.
The difference between bound iron, and unbound iron. 99% of iron is bound to hemoglobin, unbound iron is like car smashing through a shopping mall, it’s not good for you. When your pH is lowered, more iron becomes unbound. Cancer loves a low ph.
Iron will help extract energy from food, oxygenate your body, and boost your immune system so that the cancer could be destroyed with oxidative bursts.

• Copper is involved in several important enzyme reactions, including cytochromes for energy and superoxide for dismutase for free radical protection. Copper is very important for your tough connective tissues, which is how the body tries to envelop a tumor. People die of aneurysms that could be prevented with a touch of copper. It’s crucial for energy metabolism. It helps to prevent the oxidation of fatty acids that can destroy DNA and cell membranes.
The RDA is 1.5 to 3 mg per day. Greying of hair, loss of skin pigment, dry brittle hair, sagging tissue, hernias, varicose veins, and more…
• Iodine assists the thyroid gland in regulating basal metabolism, it’s a selective toxin for disease-causing microorganisms in the gut.
Iodine will help you with dieting by burning excess fat, promote proper growth, give you more energy, improve mental alacrity, Promote healthy hair, skin, nails, and teeth. Don’t get enough, and it will lead to Goiter, slow mental reaction, weight gain, lack of energy, and hypothyroidism. The RDA is 150 mcg, 200 if pregnant.

• Manganese is an essential mineral cofactor in various enzyme reactions, including an important antioxidant system SOD (superoxide dismutase).
If you are deficient in manganese you will develop low insulin output, problems with connective tissue and processing fats. 2-5 mg will hit the spot. Manganese will help absorb biotin, B1, and vitamin c. It will help eliminate fatigue, aid in muscle reflexes, help prevent osteoporosis, improve memory, reduce nervous irritability.

• Chromium is essential for proper energy metabolism, especially related to controlling blood sugar levels and preventing lean tissue wasting. 200-600mcg. Chromium will get the Glucose Tolerance Factor up, if your (GTF) is down, your insulin levels will rise, which can be disastrous. When your Glucose isn’t being burned properly, the body will resort to protein (which will cause lean tissue wasting) and fat (which elevates levels of fats in the blood for increased risk of heart disease). GTF is also critical for immune functions and plays a role in cell growth. Deficiencies of chromium lead to impaired glucose metabolism, elevated blood fats, and tingling numbness. You won’t get it in your food, the average American eats 140 pounds of sugar per year, which increases the need for chromium while increasing the excretion of chromium. Cancer loves sugar, if you could keep the cancer starved of sugar with a low sugar level, nice.

• Selenium is an immune stimulant, detoxifying agent via glutathione peroxidase, and may selectively control the growth of abnormal tissue.
Selenium at 200 mcg was able to reduce the incidence of cancers by up to 60%.

• Molybdenum is essential for detoxification pathways, 100-200 mcg. Molybdenum functions as a mineral cofactor in hydroxylation enzyme reactions, such as uric acid and sulfite processing. When sulfites build up in the system, cysteine metabolism is affected, which is crucial for detoxification.

• Vanadium is a crucial mineral for controlling blood glucose and its necessary for the formation of teeth and bones. 100mg will get you there.

Youngevity.com has the best formulations with perfect ratios of all micronutrients. Infowars.com has powerful supplements as well. Modern agriculture practices are not producing mineral rich foods. Selenium and magnesium play key roles in cancer prevention and reversal.
There are about 50 more minerals, these are just the stars, which is why I recommended youngevity.com, so you get all of them in proper ratios and in the most absorb-able form. Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0, and the Osteo mix is Great.

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