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Every food I mention should be organic. I like fasting a little bit in the morning usually. This is especially possible for me since I’ve decided to not have a job. I go for a walk with the dog, or try to get something done a little bit sooner. It’s been said, coconut oil is best for stove cooking. Get a 3-pound bucket of it, you can use it for oil pulling (swishing oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes for healthier, cleaner looking gums) too, for better skin, and when you cook with it, use your finger to scoop out a minuscule portion of oil to rub into the pan. Then crack at least 4-7 eggs, when they’re done, eat your food thoroughly, chew to the max, it’s been said that not everyone does. Cholesterol from eggs? It lowers your bad cholesterol, and raises your good cholesterol, don’t fall for that fad.
Buy a coffee grinder. Put 2-6 spoons of flax seed in there, once grinded, quickly get it into a tall cup, get lots of water in there, and mix ferociously. Hurry, drink it up, if you don’t consume the grinded flax soon, it will lose its nutritional benefits quickly. 2 dollars per pound of organic flax. I wish to try this with chia seeds, they cost about Ten dollars at whole foods, but on amazon, it’s 5 per pound. When you drink this healthy drink, your body utilizes it better, it’s in liquid form! Try to get at least one of these drinks per day, you need at least some fiber, or else you may never need to use the toilet again.
Brown lentils, and green split peas, only two dollars per pound, more like three for certain types of beans at the bulk section at whole foods. Besides green split peas, all these legumes tend to mix well into healthy, high protein meals. For example, two to three monster handfuls of legumes cooked up with 1-4 eggs.
You need essential fatty acids. We tend to obtain omega 6 through diet, omega 9 could be produced by the body when omega three isn’t present, but it’s not the best alternative.
I need one pound of meat per day. I like making sure half of the pound is there for when I finish 50-90 minutes of lifting. What I love about meat, it mixes well with other healthy food, with beans and eggs, or salads. If you’re super hungry, cook up half a pound of meat, throw beans into the mix, and 2-4 eggs. That’s a solid meal, you know what’s good about it? It’s all healthy, and if your striving to get more muscle, lose fat, look better, this meal is for you.
When you’re using water, to cook your food, make sure it’s filtered. Your tap water is toxic, read the fluoride article if you wish to know more about that. When you cook, the fluoride stays in the finished product. Get a water filter from, not all filters eliminate the toxic stuff you need out, I use the 4 gallon Propur. If you get a shower filter, your hair will be healthier, samesies with your skin, and you as well. Don’t take forever in the shower, scrub well, and run away, the shower water is not safe, it penetrates your skin.
Of course, if you don’t have micronutrients, you will never reach your fullest potential. Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 and Beyond Osteo-fx powder and make sure you consume enough omega 3, EFA PLUs- 90 soft gels. These three formulations are bought at for the best price. Buy it whole sale from there and you’ll save 30%. Some is better than nothing, even talking half or a quarter of the recommended dose will help you. These three formulations will help transform you. When you’re deficient in minerals, your body will always be hungry, it will want more, and more. If you eat and drink the wrong foods, your vitamin and mineral levels will drop even more. This is what causes disease. Most Drugs, Alcohol (which is also a drug) and other aspects such as stress lower your micro-nutrient levels even more.
Cheese goes well into beans or eggs, add salsa…

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