Curing Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s Disease appears to be a physician-caused disease (resulting from cholesterol and saturated fat bashing) in which those afflicted suffer from a progressive loss of memory. Difficulties with arousal and motor function appear in the later stages of the disease. Identified in 1979, it appears to be due to a cholesterol and fat deficiency. Alzheimer’s disease is not genetic.

Treatment should include germanium IM 5ml of standard solution every other day for 24 days followed by oral germanium at 150/ mg b.i.d., Hydergine, 6-12mg/ day, piracetam/ choline 1.6 grams q.i.d., vasopressin (Diapid) at a rate of one whiff in each nostril q.i.d. which delivers a total daily dose of 12-16 units of U.S.P. Posterior Pituitary, and centrophenoxine (Lucidril) 6.2-8 grams/day. Lecithin at 2,500 mg t.i.d. is very useful at all stages through phosphatydil choline is more efficient. Don’t forget the baseline nutritional supplements including colloidal minerals plus betaine HCI and pancreatic enzymes 75-200 mg t.i.d. Oral and IV H202 may be helpful, 200 mg vitamin B1 t.i.d, vitamin E at 2000iu daily, 500 mcg selenium daily and IV chelation will be of value. Eat soft-scrambled (not fried) eggs every day and 72 oz. red meat each month to replace cholesterol needed to rebuild myelin.    Written by Dr. Wallach

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