To avoid obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, the metabolic syndrome, dementia and reduce your risk of cancer, it is important to eliminate sugar (natural and processed) from your diet. Your body makes all of the blood sugar, blood glucose and glycogen (animal starch) it needs by re configuring fats and proteins. Sugars and carbohydrates are not essential nutrients.
According to the USDA, Americans were eating one half pound of sugar per person per year in 1895, and in the year 2002 Americans ate 157 pounds of sugar per year – that’s almost one half pound of sugar per person per day.
Not only will you make it easier to lose those unwanted pounds and keep them off by giving up sugar, but you will think clearer, you will be less irritable; you will have boundless energy and if you have hypoglycemia, the metabolic syndrome or hyperinsulinemia you will be heading in the right direction necessary to solve your problems:
• No apple juice
• No grape juice
• No honey
• No molasses (cane juice, turbanado sugar, brown sugar, etc.)
• No table sugar
• No corn syrup no fructose
• No granola or grain based energy bars
• No processed meats
• No BBQ sauce, no pasta sauce, no chili
• No candy
• No colas, non-colas or other carbonated drinks
• No ice cream (exceptions include no sugar added ice cream), no sherbert
• No pastries
• No Boxed or bagged cold or instant hot cereals
• No low fat yogurt or 98% fat free yogurt (they are loaded with sugar)
If during the process of giving up sugar you get the “munchies” or feel the need to go on the classic “chocoholic” binge, take an ounce of plant derived colloidal minerals per 100 pounds of body weight – even if it’s ten times per day at the start (remember – cravings or pica are the sure sign of mineral deficiencies!!). By Dr. Wallach

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