Important Cancer Tips

  1. Don’t eat fried foods.
  2. Avoid Gluten.
  3. Do not eat your meat well done, your cancer rate will go up by 462 percent.
  4. Avoid processed meats, (nitrates), Stay away from deli meat.
  5. Avoid Sugar
  6. Wheat bread will spike your blood sugar level faster than table sugar.
  7. Gluten will block nutrient absorption
  8. Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 has shown to reduce colon cancer by 95 percent, it contains over 200 nutrients that work in synergy.
  9. Be sure you are consuming the essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6, it what the Budwig Cottage cheese diet is based on, the sulfur based proteins from cottage cheese bind together for the protocol to become more usable by the body. EFA Plus from is good too
  10. Selenium has shown to reduce cancer of upwards of 60%
  11. I recommend you get the Healthy Body Starter Pack from If you’re serious about your cancer elimination, be sure to get the selenium formulation as well.
  12. B17 (apricot seeds) will help Big time


  1. A proper cleanse, not just any cleanse, has shown to substantially aid cancer problems as well. Look up Dr. Group on youtube
  2. Be sure your filter is top of the line,
  3. Don’t shower forever, the water is toxic, It’s been said that 7 minutes of showering is like drinking 4-5 cups of tap water
  4. Anything non organic will cause cancer.
  5. Toxic air (dirty indoor air tends to be way worse than outdoor air)
  6. Chemicals of all sort weaken you for greater cancer risk
  7. Vaccines will wreak havoc on your immune system (what fights your cancer)
  8. Bpa in can lining and plastic bottles will cause cancer
  9. Mercury from dental filling, big fish, and, other sources, too, damage the immune system
  10. Just about all drugs, especially pharmaceuticals, and over the counter drugs will weaken your body in the fight against cancer cells.
  11. Be sure to walk!

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