Curcumin (Turmeric)

Turmeric (curry) is known as “the golden spice of life” and has been used in Indian cuisine for thousands of years. As a matter of fact, it is impossible to think of Indian food without turmeric. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, has several cancer-fighting properties. A recent study found that curcumin can actually repair DNA that has been damaged by radiation. This is very good news because one cannot avoid all radiation sources. According to University of Chicago scientists, curcumin inhibits a cancer-provoking bacteria associated with gastric and colon cancer.
Yet another anti-cancer property of curcumin is that it is a powerful antioxidant. It can therefore protect our bodies from free radicals that damage DNA. This is also why turmeric (which contains curcumin) can be used for preserving foods. Tests in Germany, reported in the Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmacology in July 2003, found that “all fractions of the turmeric extract preparation exhibited pronounced antioxidant activity.” Turmeric extract tested more potent than garlic, devil’s claw and salmon oil.
In the January 27, 2007, issue of the Journal of Clinical Immunology, scientists at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston stated: “Curcumin can suppress tumor initiation, promotion and metastasis. Pharmacologically, curcumin has been found to be safe. Human clinical trials indicated no dose-limiting toxicity when administered at doses up to 10 g/day. All of these studies suggest that curcumin has enormous potential in the prevention and therapy of cancer.” (Aggarwal, BB et al, Anticancer Research, Jan-Feb 2003) And in the June 1998 issue of Molecular Medicine, researchers at Harvard Medical School published their findings that curcumin inhibits angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels) which tumors use to nourish themselves as they spread.
Curcumin can also protect cells against xenoestrogens because it can fit to the same receptor as estrogen or estrogen-mimicking chemicals. In a study on human breast cancer cells, curcumin reversed growth caused by a certain form of estrogen by 98% and growth caused by DDT by 75%. Turmeric has been considered to be “skin food” in India and other cultures for thousands of years, due to the fact that it cleanses the skin, helps it maintain elasticity, nourishes the skin, and balances the effects of skin flora. Several animal studies have demonstrated that turmeric inhibits the growth of a variety of bacteria, parasites, and pathogenic fungi.
Since curcumin is found in the spice turmeric, and turmeric is the principal ingredient in curry, you can enjoy the protective benefits of curcumin by just adding curry spice to your foods. If you combine curcumin with black pepper, it multiplies the effectiveness of curcumin by 1,000 times. It makes it the most powerful “natural chemotherapy” you can ever experience. In the words of Mike Adams, “You eat curry and pepper, and add some broccoli, and for the next 48 hours, your body will be destroying cancer tumors better than any chemotherapy known to modern science!

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