There has been more written about the wonderful benefits of garlic than any other food source known. Its history dates back 3,500 years. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, was the first to write that garlic was an excellent medicine for eliminating tumors. Recent studies on garlic have shown that it kills insects, parasites, bad bacteria, and fungi. It also eliminates various tumors, lowers blood sugar levels, lowers harmful fats in the blood, and prevents clogging of the arteries.

Researchers have also shown that allicin (the organic compound which gives garlic its aroma and flavor) acts as a very potent antioxidant.

It has been discovered that the diallyl disulfide in garlic reduces the formation of carcinogens in the liver. Dr. Sujatha Sundaram, a researcher at Pennsylvania State University, found that diallyl disulfide caused human bowel cancer tumor cells to shrink and die when translated into mice.

It is interesting to note the similarity between diallyl disulfide and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO). According to Dr. David Greg, “They both consist of one sulfur with two organic molecules attached. In the case of dimethylsulfide two methyl groups (CH3) are attached, in the case of diallyl sulfide, to allyl groups (C3H5) are attached…There is an equilibrium established between dimethylsulfide (no oxygen attached), DMSO (one oxygen attached to the sulfur) Because of this equilibrium, this set of molecules can act as an effective oxygen transport system. Since diallyl sulfide is a very similar molecule and the same bonding sites are available on the sulfur, one would expect it to behave in a similar manner, and it seems to.. This would suggest that one of the major anticancer contributions of diallyl sulfide (and thus garlic) is to enhance oxygen transport to the cancer cells.”

The first scientific report to study garlic and cancer was performed in the 1950s. Scientists injected “allicin” (an active ingredient in garlic) into mice suffering from cancer Mice receiving the injection survived three times longer than the other mice. Many studies have shown that “allyl sulfur” (another active ingredient in garlic) is effective in preventing cancer and tumor development. In addition, ajoene, another major compound of garlic, has been shown to induce apoptosis in human leukemic cells.

Garlic also contains germanium, which is a powerful sulfur-containing antioxidant. Germanium not only boosts oxygenation but spares oxygen as it chelates toxic metals such as mercury, lead and cadmium from your body. It has been shown to restore normal function to lymphocytes (T-cells, B-cells, and NK cells) and stimulate the production of antibodies. We eat garlic in almost everything – dips, salad dressings, sauces, soups, wraps, you name it. But remember… cooking kills garlic’s cancer-fighting properties. There are cases on record where cancer was beaten with a good detox program and garlic alone. Here’s a powerful anti-cancer concoction: blend up some ginger, onions, raw broccoli, and garlic juice. If you can stand the taste, it’s one of the most potent cancer-fighting concoctions available.

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