The Best Eating Plan

I really like what my eating plan is like, I always feel great. I’m into Muscle training and eat about 200-220 grams of protein per day, but 120-160 grams of organic protein tends to be perfect for most people.
My eating revolves around organic eggs, organic meat, organic flax or organic chia seeds in my drinks mixed with raw organic cocoa and organic whey. Organic produce of all sorts, but I tend to rather eat Full Spectrum Nutrient formulations, more often. Also organic carbs before and after I Lift, such as organic brown rice. Be sure to cook with Fluoride filtered water(infowars store).. & Obviously use organic oil! “Well Done” food cooked in oil raises your cancer risk by 462%
Into muscle building? One dozen eggs per day, and one pound of organic meat per day, variations of what I listed above!
Just anything Organic! It’s not hard, you’ve got to just do it, and if you care about your health, it’s a no brainer, just like Fluoride filtration and Consuming the 90 essential nutrients.
Eating all of this stuff is easy, especially once you have the nutrients in you and your body isn’t seeking minerals from junk food that doesn’t have it, you’ll start to Thrive. Health always feels better than junk food Binges!
This is where the best nutrient formulations are, not even Joking, Why do you think I chose Dr. Wallachs Company?! There isn’t a better company to promote!

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