The 3 Steps to Ultimate Health

Okay, this is very simple, it’s not hard at all. I want to you to think about this, and do it
• You must try to eat all organic, anything that is not organic is carcinogenic. These non-organic products at best, are not that carcinogenic. At worst, will help finish a cancer patient off, by the way, you better believe people that get disease eat non organic food and are deficient in in the micro nutrients. 16 vitamins, 60 minerals and the essential fatty acids.
Foods that you eat at your favorite eatery are so bad for you! Well, there are exceptions, but They cook your food in non-organic GMO oil, they use the toxic tap water that hasn’t been filtered, and all the usual poisons that you could expect to find in 711, are there!
• Filtering your water is so Important. A massive amount of you is Water. Due lobbying efforts from the people who run the NWO, the water you drink is part of their chemical warfare plan, followed by toxic vaccines, GMO! plastics, Chem trails in the sky, dumping of poisons into our water ways, and more.. I recommend a filter from, they’re all great, they work! I personally do not trust all filter companies, but I believe in the filters sells, I also hear Berkley Water Filtration is good. Also, this water gets in through your skin when you shower, so that’s another concern you should pay attention too if you’re about Health. also has some shower heads.
• Micro Nutrients! This one is so important. This one causes so much unnecessary death, and misery. Why do you think so many pro Athletes die so young? It’s because they sweat out all their nutrients! Also, even if you take your nutrients, your B Vitamins evacuate the building each time you use the bathroom, along with Vitamin C! The best nutrient Company in the world is youngevity, started my Dr. Wallach. His three main products contain all the 90 essential nutrients and more, in the best form, not like the junk you find at Walgreens. The stuff you buy at your drug store is usually only 10% or less bioavailable, and it has all that extra capsule material, who knows what that does for you, but its only one nutrient per bottle, in a synthetic form, or Oxide! Oxide is rust, and not bioavailable at all! Also, what are you going to get, 90 bottles of trash quality nutrients that have fillers to be healthy? The formulations I promote at incredibly formulated, I advise you to become an accociate, it’s 25 dollars, and you get the same exact website as the link below. 847 722 3464, text me your name.sease followed by Dr. Wallach, and the answers they need are there, and easy to follow, not kidding.

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