Best Weight Loss Foods

My favorite weight loss foods are organic eggs and organic whey. Count your protein up to .5 to 1 gram per body weight depending on your physical demands. Organic meats of all sorts will be good. Organic Grass-fed beef will do you no harm and will help you lose weight, need not add oil, there’s already enough in the meat naturally. I wouldn’t go over a pound of meat per day unless you’re a hard core athlete. Some of the healthiest people in the world eat 20+ eggs per day, don’t fall for the egg cholesterol myth, eggs are good for you.
I like eggs, because of all the different combos you could mix them in. I make them hardboiled, or soft boiled, when soft boiled, you won’t kill all the nutrients. You can add cheese, salsa, onions, garlic, you name it. Use Organic Coconut Oil for High heat, and Organic Olive oil for low heat if you must.
Organic whey is so great, convenient, healthy, and amazing. You can make 15-45% percent of your protein come from the organic whey, it’s so low in calories, amazing for weight loss, and looking great, you can mix grounded flax, stevia, raw cocoa powder, and other stuff into it as well!
I would limit organic fruit if you’re serious about weight loss, it’s been designed to be extra sweet over the past century. If you can get clean vegetables, that have been washed in non-contaminated water, great, very healthy for you. Most of the nutrition is in the skin, when it comes to produce, be sure that your produce is organic, if it’s not, super bad for you!!
Nutrients are so amazing, Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 Powder mixed into water is unbelievably good in every single way, you can even mix this powder with the Osteo Fx Powder I sell too, tastes great, divide your doses into at least 2-5 doses per day for maximum effectiveness. Then eat 2-10 Essential Fatty Acid Pluses per day, 2-3 of them 2- 3 times per day. Do this and your health will be Amazing!!
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Use a fluoride filter too, and it’s that easy, that’s what you have to do to get maximum youngevity. Limit all medications, non is best, unless it’s impossible to OD on and it’s organic.

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