About Me

My Name is Greg; I’ve been in Schiller Park My whole life. My interest in health spiked once I began watching Alex Jones. Alex Jones, (creator of infowars.com) has taught me all about the NWO, and all the ways our health is being attacked. So I became interested in the topic, and found out that all disease is reversible and that it doesn’t have to be hard to lose weight. I lost more than a few pounds from my obese days when I was 16 and 17. I started eliminating plastic bottles, and drinking only filtered water. I slowly began make my diet more, and more organic. The weight began to slide off, I began taking nutrients as well, and I believe this helped me get to the next level when it came to my health, after the long phase of eating junk food.
Now I’m into lifting weights and investing in cars that I wish to sell. I’m also into helping people with their fitness plan, and giving them all the basic info to get maximum results, for free. With My blog, I’m able to put great info out that people can implement into their lives easily. I still think I have a lot of articles that need to be added, so the blogging is a good part of my life, and I’m willing to get extra books to become a genius on the topic of health, and marketing, so that I can reach as many people as possible and work on making the blog as good as possible as time passes.
I’m Twenty now, and have more than a few books that I’ve been looking into; nontoxic cancer treatments, curing all disease, fat loss info, muscle gaining info, info on toxins, and many other topics that correlate with good health.