5 Steps In Treating Cancer

Step 1- Clean

Detoxify the biological system (long term)

This step is the initial and primary step of cleaning up the biological system. Heavy metals along with the persistent organic pollutants (POP’s) are increasing in our bodies. As a result of a chronic lack of good nutrition and an overabundance of the above mentioned toxicities, changes begin taking place within the physiological system as described with an analogy of a volcano of various toxicities erupting and causing massive burden on the immune system.

Eventually, this process leads to an increase in cell mutations and cancer oftentimes is the result, since the protective antioxidant pathways are unable to keep up with the increasing rate of cell mutations. Apoptosis (programmed cell death) which is responsible for the self-destruction of abnormal, unhealthy cells begins to become suppressed, allowing cancer cells to grow unchecked. This is what begins to happen in the picture of cancer.

Step 2- Optimize

Reconfigure the physiologic environment (re-establish)

This step is the most lengthy and most difficult of the five steps. This step includes all therapies designed to make the patient’s internal biological system “unfriendly” to cancer, such as proper nutrition, supplementation (vitamins, minerals, herbs and antioxidants), autohemotherapy, hydrogen peroxide, hyperthermia, and hyperbaric oxygen or other treatments that increase oxygenation. It also includes supporting the adrenal system, the optimization of the gastrointestinal system, and supporting the mental aspects (spiritual, emotional and psychological) that are so vital in cancer treatment. Also critical in this stage is the restoration of hope.

Step 3- Repair

Rebuild and stimulate the immune system (immune modulation)

This step focuses on rebuilding and repairing the patient’s compromised immune system. Dr. Buttar has a very precise regimen which utilizes highly specific immune modulating poly-peptide analogs to accomplish this goal. It is important to remember that if cancer exists in the body, by definition the immune system is damaged. Therefore, it becomes essential to repair the immune system and “upregulate” it to the point that it can begin to naturally address the issue of the cancer on its own.

Step 4- Identify

Target acquisition of the cancer (AARSOV)

This step is used as a specific method of acquisition of the cancer by the now repaired and reinitiated immune system that was previously damaged and not functioning properly. Dr. Buttar refers to this technique with the acronym “AARSOTA,” which stands for “Autogenous Antigen Receptor Specific Oncogenic Target Acquisition.” Essentially, it’s a method by which the body is enabled to identify the cancer as being foreign and allows the immune system to move against the cancer.

As an example, human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) and alpha feto protein (AFP) are non- specific markers of cancer, but they are also markers of pregnancy. The fetus is growing inside a woman’s body but is foreign. Why doesn’t the immune system fight against the fetus? Because these markers (HCG and AFP) allow the body to know that this growing organism should not be attacked. However, cancer, cells are able to mimic a fetus by releasing the same markers. Dr. Buttar developed AARSOTA as a means to overcome this “cloaking” device that cancer uses to fool the immune system into leaving it alone. The AARSOTA allows the body’s immune system to identify the “signature” of the cancer and begin fighting it.

Step 5- Maintain

Sustain changes achieved with the first four steps

Oftentimes, cancer patients revert to their old habits and fail to follow through on the important aspects of their cancer protocol; thus, the cancer returns. The changes initiated in the first four steps must be sustained; otherwise, the cancer will come back. Dr. Buttar’s fifth step focuses on maintaining the progress which has been accomplished in the first four steps and keeping the cancer at bay… permanently.

By Dr. Buttar

True Fat Loss

My favorite way to get down into this is to eat as much protein as possible, with as little calories as possible. Protein will help with sugar cravings. Essential fatty acids will help with fat cravings. Drink Fiji water, or Avian on the go.
A fluoride filter is ESSENTIAL, just like the ESSENTIAL fatty acids, and the ESSENTIAL 90 Nutrients.
Buy your water filter at infowars.com! Just do it. I don’t get paid to promote the filter, but you seriously need it, if you want to take advantage of your health. When you cook with non-filtered water, the toxins don’t melt away, it all stays in whatever you eat or drink.
If you don’t feel like exercising, don’t. That’s not the trick. You’ll want to move around more once you start dropping the pounds and feeling better. Then, you’ll start slowly plugging more, and more movement, because you want to. Take at least 2-3 ten minute walks per day. Then ease into some low impact strength movements, be sure to not injure your back or shoulders, this is one of the things you need to know when it comes to lifting, avoid that mess, and you’ll be good forever.
Use organic coconut oil for cooking, or some organic olive oil for low heat cooking. Well done fat increases your cancer risk by 462%!
If you want the fastest possible results. Try to eat close to a dozen eggs per day, and organic whey protein powder. Organic whey has the highest protein to calorie ratio, it also usually has all the amino acids. Some of the organic whey products are sweetened with stevia (a healthy Real Natural Sweetener) it’s leaves are 40 times sweeter than sugar. Stevia is amazing, not like the Toxic Aspartame that ruins you.
Organic Turkey, Organic Chicken, Organic Grass Fed Beef, any meat that is organic. Non organic meat will be packed with antibiotics, growth hormones, GMO feed residues, fluoride, and other environmental toxins. The “organic” animals tend to live better lives too, usually.
Lots of people say Organic food is a scam. It isn’t at all. Sure, in the world we live in today, there will be small traces of the pesticides, but the organic foods are not Directly sprayed. Lots of unprocessed foods have powerful healing effects on the body, and the miniscule amount of pesticides that has managed to get into the Organically grown produce will not harm you especially considering the healing benefits of properly grown food.
The way I look at it, flax seed, that is grinded right before you consume it with water is the only way to get fiber on the daily. Two dollars per pound for organic flax seed at whole foods. When I use my coffee grinder to grind the flax, I like mixing Raw Cocoa Powder into the drink, and also organic whey. You can separate these obviously, Mix n Match! On a budget? Just split the daily amount of organic whey into 2, or 3 drinks. This drink that I’m talking about, is amazing. I hope you try it; you need some fiber to push the junk out. The cocoa has antioxidants and more, it also has some protein, all three of these ingredients have protein!
I would limit fruit, it’s been designed to have lots of fructose, which, will not help with your fat loss. Although, better that junk food, it has calories. Organic unfiltered raw honey is a good nutritious sweet food, put it on organic bread, if you need some flavor.
But wait, you don’t need to suffer cravings, your body, is seeking minerals. All the food grown in today’s society is devoid of minerals, and also usually has at least 50 percent less vitamins than back in the days of Jesus. You can eat all the spinach you want, you will not get all the nutrients you need, and if you do, you usually will not have the other specific nutrients you need to absorb the other nutrients your body needs. Protein, helps with sugar cravings, essential fatty acids help with fatty cravings. Also, most of the nutrients that are in produce are in the skin, which we tend to not eat.
Cheap nutrients at the drug store, are synthetics, and oxides, they’re usually less than ten percent bioavailable, and its only one nutrient per bottle, so you don’t get the powerful synergizing effects of getting all your essential nutrients in the best possible form all at once.
My favorite supplement is Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0, which I just started promoting, I’ve been eating it for over two years. Dr. Wallach, created the formulation. I hope you look into him, I would say he is the leader in the Healthy Life Movement that’s about avoiding toxicity and getting the essential nutrients in. If you YouTube Dr. Wallach, he has the answers to all your health problems. So much disease is due to Nutrient Deficiencies, and his company Youngevity, That I promote, has 3 Main products:
1. Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0, Which has all the nutrients you need, but it only has enough calcium to allow the other nutrients to work to the maximum capacity for you, and does not contain the essential fatty acids.
2. Beyond Osteo-fx, it promotes Strong, Healthy Bones & Joints with Calcium, Magnesium, Glucosamine, & Vitamin D, it contains over 77 Organically- Bound, non GMO trace minerals, and more!
3. ULTIMATE EFA PLUS, it contains; Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA), Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)
These products have 30 day Guarantees, not that you’ll use it. This is the best nutrient company in the world, and I advise you to do your research, or just take my word for it, and buy now, and take advantage of your health as soon as possible. You seriously have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
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Best Weight Loss Foods

My favorite weight loss foods are organic eggs and organic whey. Count your protein up to .5 to 1 gram per body weight depending on your physical demands. Organic meats of all sorts will be good. Organic Grass-fed beef will do you no harm and will help you lose weight, need not add oil, there’s already enough in the meat naturally. I wouldn’t go over a pound of meat per day unless you’re a hard core athlete. Some of the healthiest people in the world eat 20+ eggs per day, don’t fall for the egg cholesterol myth, eggs are good for you.
I like eggs, because of all the different combos you could mix them in. I make them hardboiled, or soft boiled, when soft boiled, you won’t kill all the nutrients. You can add cheese, salsa, onions, garlic, you name it. Use Organic Coconut Oil for High heat, and Organic Olive oil for low heat if you must.
Organic whey is so great, convenient, healthy, and amazing. You can make 15-45% percent of your protein come from the organic whey, it’s so low in calories, amazing for weight loss, and looking great, you can mix grounded flax, stevia, raw cocoa powder, and other stuff into it as well!
I would limit organic fruit if you’re serious about weight loss, it’s been designed to be extra sweet over the past century. If you can get clean vegetables, that have been washed in non-contaminated water, great, very healthy for you. Most of the nutrition is in the skin, when it comes to produce, be sure that your produce is organic, if it’s not, super bad for you!!
Nutrients are so amazing, Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 Powder mixed into water is unbelievably good in every single way, you can even mix this powder with the Osteo Fx Powder I sell too, tastes great, divide your doses into at least 2-5 doses per day for maximum effectiveness. Then eat 2-10 Essential Fatty Acid Pluses per day, 2-3 of them 2- 3 times per day. Do this and your health will be Amazing!!
101 543 018 Is my Distributor Code
Use a fluoride filter too, and it’s that easy, that’s what you have to do to get maximum youngevity. Limit all medications, non is best, unless it’s impossible to OD on and it’s organic.

The 3 Steps to Ultimate Health

Okay, this is very simple, it’s not hard at all. I want to you to think about this, and do it
• You must try to eat all organic, anything that is not organic is carcinogenic. These non-organic products at best, are not that carcinogenic. At worst, will help finish a cancer patient off, by the way, you better believe people that get disease eat non organic food and are deficient in in the micro nutrients. 16 vitamins, 60 minerals and the essential fatty acids.
Foods that you eat at your favorite eatery are so bad for you! Well, there are exceptions, but They cook your food in non-organic GMO oil, they use the toxic tap water that hasn’t been filtered, and all the usual poisons that you could expect to find in 711, are there!
• Filtering your water is so Important. A massive amount of you is Water. Due lobbying efforts from the people who run the NWO, the water you drink is part of their chemical warfare plan, followed by toxic vaccines, GMO! plastics, Chem trails in the sky, dumping of poisons into our water ways, and more.. I recommend a filter from infowars.com, they’re all great, they work! I personally do not trust all filter companies, but I believe in the filters infowars.com sells, I also hear Berkley Water Filtration is good. Also, this water gets in through your skin when you shower, so that’s another concern you should pay attention too if you’re about Health. Infowars.com also has some shower heads.
• Micro Nutrients! This one is so important. This one causes so much unnecessary death, and misery. Why do you think so many pro Athletes die so young? It’s because they sweat out all their nutrients! Also, even if you take your nutrients, your B Vitamins evacuate the building each time you use the bathroom, along with Vitamin C! The best nutrient Company in the world is youngevity, started my Dr. Wallach. His three main products contain all the 90 essential nutrients and more, in the best form, not like the junk you find at Walgreens. The stuff you buy at your drug store is usually only 10% or less bioavailable, and it has all that extra capsule material, who knows what that does for you, but its only one nutrient per bottle, in a synthetic form, or Oxide! Oxide is rust, and not bioavailable at all! Also, what are you going to get, 90 bottles of trash quality nutrients that have fillers to be healthy? The formulations I promote at incredibly formulated, I advise you to become an accociate, it’s 25 dollars, and you get the same exact website as the link below. 847 722 3464, text me your name.sease followed by Dr. Wallach, and the answers they need are there, and easy to follow, not kidding.

The Best Eating Plan

I really like what my eating plan is like, I always feel great. I’m into Muscle training and eat about 200-220 grams of protein per day, but 120-160 grams of organic protein tends to be perfect for most people.
My eating revolves around organic eggs, organic meat, organic flax or organic chia seeds in my drinks mixed with raw organic cocoa and organic whey. Organic produce of all sorts, but I tend to rather eat Full Spectrum Nutrient formulations, more often. Also organic carbs before and after I Lift, such as organic brown rice. Be sure to cook with Fluoride filtered water(infowars store).. & Obviously use organic oil! “Well Done” food cooked in oil raises your cancer risk by 462%
Into muscle building? One dozen eggs per day, and one pound of organic meat per day, variations of what I listed above!
Just anything Organic! It’s not hard, you’ve got to just do it, and if you care about your health, it’s a no brainer, just like Fluoride filtration and Consuming the 90 essential nutrients.
Eating all of this stuff is easy, especially once you have the nutrients in you and your body isn’t seeking minerals from junk food that doesn’t have it, you’ll start to Thrive. Health always feels better than junk food Binges!
This is where the best nutrient formulations are, not even Joking, Why do you think I chose Dr. Wallachs Company?! There isn’t a better company to promote!

The Selenium Cancer Link

From my research, I have begun to realize that selenium is possibly the most powerful anticancer nutrient there is. I am certainly not alone in singing the praises of selenium. Dr. E. J. Crary states, “Selenium is the most potent broad-spectrum anticarcinogenic agent that has yet been discovered.” That’s right. The trace mineral, selenium, has been shown in multiple studies to be an effective tool in warding off various types of cancer, including breast, esophageal, stomach, prostate, liver, and bladder cancers. The scientific and medical literature is filled with studies that demonstrate selenium’s anticancer effects in humans. For example, in an epidemiological study, Dr. Raymond Shamberger categorized the states and cities in the USA according to whether there was high, medium, or low selenium availability in the diet. He demonstrated an inverse association between selenium availability and age-adjusted mortality for all types of cancer. To put it simply, the more selenium available, the lower the levels of cancer.
In a worldwide study Dr. Gerhard Schrauzer, M.D., Ph.D. (professor of medical chemistry at the University of California at San Diego) analyzed the blood-bank data from 27 counties around the world. He compiled a list in order of their blood selenium levels disclosing an inverse proportional relationship to cancer incidence, reporting specifically that areas with low levels of selenium in the diet had higher levels of leukemia and cancers of the breast, colon, rectum, prostate, ovary, and lung. In other words, the number one nation in blood selenium level (Japan) had the lowest cancer level (and consistently has rated highest in longevity) while the number two selenium level nation had the second lowest cancer rate, etc. etc.
Selenium was initially used in conventional medicine as a treatment for dandruff, but our comprehension of the mineral has dramatically increased over the past 20 years. It is an essential component of a powerful antioxidant manufactured by the body. This antioxidant, called glutathione peroxidase, defends specifically against peroxides, a type of free radical that attacks fats. Like other antioxidants, glutathione peroxidase also reduces the risk of developing cancer and heart diseases and stimulates the immune system’s response to infections. This important enzyme is selenium dependent, with each molecule of the enzyme containing four atoms of selenium. Research shows selenium (especially when used in conjunction with vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene) works to block many chemical reactions that crate free radicals in the body. Remember, free radicals can damage our cellular DNA, which eventually can lead to degenerative disease like cancer. Selenium also helps to prevent damaged DNA molecules from reproducing and proliferating. A process called mitosis. In other words, selenium acts to prevent tumors from developing.
“It contributes towards the death of cancerous and pre-cancer cells. Their death appears to occur before they replicate, thus helping stop cancer before it gets started,” according to the late Dr. James Howenstine in A Physician’s Guide to Natural Health Products That Work. Selenium research over the past 20 years has focused heavily on a novel form of selenium: methylselenocysteine (MSC). A relatively simple organic selenium compound, MSC is formed naturally in various plants, including garlic, broccoli, wild leeks, and onions grown on high selenium soil. MSC is easily converted to methylselenol by an enzyme called beta-lyase, which is widely distributed in the body.
According to Dr. Daniel Medina (Baylor College of Medicine Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology) methylselenol has been shown to be an effective anti-cancer form of selenium that kills cancer cells through apoptosis, which is programmed cell death. (“Semethylselenocysteine: A new compound for chemoprevention of breast cancer,” Nutrition & Cancer 2001, 40:12-17) Methylselenol is also known to inhibit angiogenesis (creation of new blood vessels) in beginning cancer tumors and represents the safest and most effective anti-cancer form of selenium available today. One of the most important blind studies on selenium and cancer was a double-blind intervention trial conducted by Dr. L.C. Clark (and colleagues) at the University of Arizona Cancer Center. When all the results were tabulated, it became clear that the selenium-treated group developed almost 66% fewer prostate cancers, 50% fewer colorectal cancer, and about 40% fewer lung cancer as compared with the placebo group.
The old expression is “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It would take almost 100 years at almost 800 mcg daily of selenium to consume a pound. Only 200 mcg daily supplementation of selenium has been documented to dramatically reduce cancer incidence, when in a grown, food-formed variety. A daily intake of 400 mcg was recommended by Dr. Schrauzer, mentioned earlier in this article. A daily intake of 600 mcg has been documented for residents of Japan on a traditional Japanese diet where cancer incidence is lowest and longevity is the greatest in the world. If every man, woman, and child supplemented with 200 mcg of selenium, we could almost wipe out the cancer epidemic over night! There is no downside to selenium supplementation, except perhaps to Big Pharma and the Medical Mafia, as this would definitely cut into their revenue stream. By Ty Bollinger